READ - (1) :  to receive or take in the sense of (as letters or symbols) especially by sight or touch (2) :  to study the movements of (as lips) with mental formulation of the communication expressed.  What is different about 1iMALL.COM which was founded in 1998 vs. other internet malls/NETWORK MARKETING companies?  

1) 1iMALL.COM is a COLLABORATIVE model designed to create WEALTH for a finite number of Visionaries that are open to LEARN (read), UN-LEARN and RE-LEARN

2) 1iMALL.COM is a 21st century network marketing company. 

Networking marketing = LEVERAGING.  Based on our extensive research, leveraging is required to create WEALTH.  40,000 people/day sign-up for 20th Century Network Marketing companies daily in America alone. Based on historical data, at some point on the 20th Century Network Marketing journey, 99% are going to give up or fail.  However, 1% are going to SUCCEED!

For $199, we TEACH (like college) how to sell ADVERTISEMENTS, how to VERTICALLY INTEGRATE and how to earn money to REFER to create WEALTH collectively. Will you watch the 1iMALL.COM 3 1/2 minute video on YouTube and share it?  Will you Click here and look in the center of the page to see samples of how others are linking to 1iMALL.COM? Also will you read our FAQSThere only needs to be 1 internet SHOPPING MALL and a 21st century way to profit share like a franchise via the internet. We created it and it is called The 800 Club™.

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2by2.net Note: This internet mall 20th Century Network Marketing company was shut down by the FTC.

Aisle19.com Note: This internet mall 20th Century Network Marketing company created a great video but failed.

Amway / Quixtar Note: Amway created an internet mall 20th Century Network Marketing model which was sued and lost a class action lawsuit and must pay $150,000,000.00

Blast Off Network Note: This is a video of two top producers from Pre-Paid Legal talking about how awesome this internal mall is and it has failed.

ECB4U.COM Note: This internet mall 20th Century Network Marketing company was shut down by the Attorney General.

Everyone can't have their OWN internet MALL and expect $uccess.iGive.com Note: This link shows thousands of Non-Profits and the small amount of comission earned from this independent internet mall.

Google.com Note: A company as huge as Google has shut down their independent affiliate linking network.

MyPowerMall.com Note: This is a video of an internet mall which promotes residual income for life has failed.

OurGV.com Note: Large churches like the City Of Refuge led by Bishop Noel Jones try to individually earn money from internet malls. 

Upromise.com Note: Sallie Mae (NASDAQ: SLM) is the nation’s No. 1 financial services company specializing in education.

ZamZuu.com Note: The Attorney General sues ZamZuu aka YTB travel and calls this internet mall / travel service a pyramid scheme.

(Unlike college) It can take up to 7 hours of reading to get a full understanding of the value of working in COLLABORATION with 1iMALL.COM vs. as an INDEPENDENT business owner...Rich People Read!

All of the information provided on this website is from the public domain, simply housed and presented in 1 location for you to read. Thank you Alvin Toffler for your brilliance to demand that we be open to learn, un-learn and relearn...